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Chances of FOTO-COOPERATION with André Pigur - Foto-Design - LATEX-LADIES:

Locations WANTED + Location-Scout WANTED !
Beautiful Private Homes for Rent WANTED !
Foto-Assistent (+MakeUp-Artist / Hairdresser) WANTED !
Model-Scouts and Model-Agencies WANTED !
Agents WANTED !
Booking-Agent WANTED !
Fetish-Fashion-Designer WANTED !
Female representative WANTED !


If you like my artwork, you can support me by cooperating in the following ways 

General principle should always be - to practice the principal of "GIVE AND TAKE":

If you like my fotos, please VOTE for me in this TOP50 Toplist !  Thanks !

Locations and Location-Scout WANTED ! 
You can suggest or deliver 
beautiful private indoor- and outdoor-locations or background equipment
and beautiful public locations that can be used as backgrounds 
for future foto- and video-art-projects.

For example I'm looking for:
- skippers who can imagine 
my LATEX-LADIES being photographed 
on their (maybe luxury) sailing- or motor-yachts
- Harley Davidson - EasyRiders with beautiful Harley-Bikes
- Oldtimer-Pilots with beautiful cars, or new cars like Ferraris, Corvettes (Cabrios)

Beautiful Private Homes for Rent WANTED !
I'm always looking for beautiful private homes for rent 
in sunshine beach- + coast locations:
Canarian Islands,
Foto-Assistent (+MakeUp-Artist / Hairdresser) WANTED !
You like my fotos and are interested in learning (by doing) 
how to prepare and organize a complete professional fotoshooting 
or arrange and organize a professional model-casting ? You should
- being a helping hand during the fotoshootings and castings
- being a creative and involved, honest and trustworthy person
who is able to be also a makeup-artist and hairdresser.
You will get fotos for your portfolio or payment - it depends on circumstances. 
You're welcome to contact me by making your suggestion.
Model-Scouts and Model-Agencies WANTED ! 
If you know beautiful models or prominent stars and starlets - or model-agencies,
who are interested in profiting from my different model-offers, 
you're welcome to make the contact. 
Female representative WANTED !
Can you imagine to represent my personly created fotoart 
on an art exhibition or on a fashion fair ?
Appropriate Fetish Outfit should be taken for granted.
You will earn interesting commissions.
Agents WANTED !
If you are interested and talented in selling my artwork as an agent,
you are welcome to contact me !
You can earn really nice commissions.
Booking Agent WANTED !
If you are an interested and experienced person in negotiating contracts 
for future commercial artwork-projects, 
and are talented in "making the world go round"
you're welcome to contact me !
Fetish-Fashion-Designer WANTED !
 If you are a Fetish Fashion Designer with nice Fetish Fashion Outfits 
made of Latex, Rubber, Vinyl, PVC or shiny Leather
you can get professional fotos FOR FREE
- for your representation AND commercial use,
if I may use these taken fotos for my representations and publications too.
You should only pay the model fees - but there is no fee for myself.

You're welcome to contact me and ask for details !

LATEX-LADIES - André Pigur - Berlin

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